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Can You Make Your Neighborhood a Better Place?


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What can you do to improve your neighborhood and make a difference in the community that you live in right now? Nowadays it is not uncommon to have very little interaction with the people that live on your street. You may not even know several of your neighbors and you may have even lived in your house for several years. Do you have a neighbor that pulls in their garage and closes it before they even exit the car? It can leave little opportunity to interact with those that live around you.

As a member of a community, you can help make your neighborhood a better place to live for you, your family and your neighbors. Below are just a few ideas and suggestions on how you can connect with your neighbors and add value to your neighborhood.

  1. Organize community picnics and block parties to get better acquainted with your neighbors.
  2. Coordinate neighborhood restoration projects or encourage businesses to adopt a street to maintain.
  3. Work with local law enforcement organizations to establish a community policing team.
  4. Join a local planning or zoning board to become involved in neighborhood initiatives. If your neighborhood is managed by a homeowners association, take part in the meetings to stay informed and have a degree of influence over decisions governing repairs, grounds maintenance and other issue that affect home values.
  5. Tutor or mentor children and teens.
  6. Lend a helping hand. Consider offering your professional expertise to neighbors; they are likely to reciprocate.
  7. Help to build or repair homes for families in need.
  8. Clear brush from canyons or vacant lots.
  9. Serve as a member of a Community Emergency Response Team.
  10. Join an environmental improvement project, such as a local park clean-up.
  11. Deliver meals to elderly or ill residents.
  12. Assist local non-profit organizations by fund raising, recruiting volunteers, serving on boards or contributing other skills.

Involve the entire family and seek out ways to get your children involved in the community. A good way for them to meet other their own age outside of school is through local parks and recreation programs. These programs offer many activities, especially during the summer break. Check the local senior center for various ways older members of your household can become more active in the community.


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