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Home Ownership: Still the American Dream?


Here’s my take on it-  I see more and more folks buying homes so they can “CONSUME” real estate and live in a “HOME”, rather than buying  a house to “INVEST” in real estate.  When you consider the non-financial benefits that come from owning your “HOME”, it changes the numbers you need to make it work.  Two things to keep in mind-

1)      The “consuming” real estate model is the one that helped generations of Americans use their home to help fund retirement.  The “investing” in real estate model gave us a bubble and a bust.

2)      When looking at the numbers you need to IGNORE national trends.  Many folks that were listening to national real estate gurus bought in the Phoenix metro market well after the local market had already begun a slide.

If you’d like to read more about this topic CLICK HERE for an article by Sheryl Nance-Nash, a writer for

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